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Reviews release album Pale Face

Mooie review van het in juli uitgebrachte Pale Face. 1 review helemaal vanuit de andere kant van de oceaan. Mooie woorden van Insight & Critique – Indie Music Album Reviews. De ander uit Spanje – Indie Criollo.

Indie Music Album Review

There are a lot of songs but the album is around forty-eight minutes and runs smoothly from beginning to end. The exceptional sound quality was a big factor as the engineer took advantage of warm mids between 100hz and 250hz which was nice on the ears. Complimenten voor Matthijs Herder dus, terecht!
This is a really great album. The songwriting, delivery and cohesive qualities come together making for a very enjoyable listening experience. I recommend starting from the beginning and letting it ride.

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Indie Criolo Espana

Ons spaans is niet zo best maar volgens mij is de review over de titeltrack Pale Face wel aardig.

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muchos gracias Indiecriollo!