About Lilywhite

Dennes played in several bands including Tome and Fancy Roam. He wrote most of the songs for these bands, played guitars and was the leadsinger of the band Fancy Roam. Both bands could be defined as experimental indie pop/rock music.

Dennes wrote a lot of songs but the last 7 years these songs has been shelved. Incidentally he started playing music with friends and the fun came back.  Dennes was encouraged by his friends to record his songs; 'make a nice musical album'.

That album will be recorded in 2019/2020 with the help of a producer and a lot of  musicians.


When the record has been released, the record will be played live.

The Lilywhite members are drummer Janco Klijnstra , bass player Yde Blaauw and guitarplayer Niels Stremmelaar. Incidentally completed with musicians who can play the violin and piano.

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